Art Collection Imago Mundi by Lucian Benetton arrived in Sarajevo

Imago MundiImago Mundi represents a project that was established by Luciano Benetton, the ‘father’ of Italian textile giant and spokesman of messages of tolerance, equality and a society with equal opportunities.

Imago Mundi also includes 900 works of artists from the former Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and BiH.

These 900 artworks arrived in Sarajevo and they are exhibited at the Bosnian Cultural Center, where the exhibition will be opened until May 28, and it represents the beginning of a tour through regional countries.

“Benetton opened his shop in the devastated city during the siege of Sarajevo, which represented a gesture of hope, and today we can see the continuation of that hope. I think that these 900 artists are a real power, they represent the army of peace.”

When asked why Sarajevo was chosen for the beginning of the tour, Enrico Bossan, project manager of the exhibition, said:

“Today, Sarajevo is the center of European culture and modern art, it is a center of the unique spirit of Imago Mundi and that is the reason why we are starting with the tour from here, within which we will present the regional collection. This is a city where the World War I started, the city in which the future is showed and that teaches us why the diversity is so important.

Collection Imago Mundi, through voices of thousands of authors, reflects and communicates ideas that are representing the vision of Luciano Benetton for decades: the unity of diversity.

Take a look at the exhibition in the gallery of the Bosnian Cultural Center in Sarajevo, which will be available for visitors until May 28. The entrance is free of charge.


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