Arrival of Bigger Number of British Tourists in BiH Expected

turisti u bih (sarajevo)Several British travel agencies this year are opening programs in BiH for their clients. As a result of activities implemented by USAID-Sida FIRMA project, the first group of British visitors is expected in August and October 2013.

Local agencies Zepter Passport from Banja Luka and Una Bihać from Bihać were part of a group of BiH agencies that participated in the visit to Great Britain in April this year.

As part of this visit, USAID-Sida FIRMA project organized a presentation of their programs in London, as well as meetings with carefully selected British tour operators that expressed interested to open new destinations, said USAID Sida Project to Fena.

The British market, after the German one is the biggest outbound market in Europe, and has the largest number of citizens that travel on vacation outside the country, and BiH has certain tourist offers that meet the demands of British tourists.

Fly-fishing, as a highly specialized and high-budget program, as well as adventure tourism, are a part of these offers. The arrival of British tourist agencies to BiH was preceded by visits of tour operators from Turkey and Scandinavian countries.

They were in BiH as part of a specially organized Familiarization Trip (FAM), whose goal was to learn more about the tour operators with attractive tourist destinations in BiH.

FAM tripe are organized by USAID-Sida FIRMA project in cooperation with a number of local tourist agencies and Sarajevo Navigator as a coordinator of the value chain.

USAID-Sida FIRMA project is a five-year project that supports sustainable economic growth, employment and in increase in household incomes in BiH, and is financially supported by the US and Swedish governments through the agency for international development, USAID and Sida.

The FIRMA project is focused on three sectors of the BiH economy-wood processing, tourism and metal processing. The project in the sector of tourism is focused on three specific value chains: open tourism, cultural-historical tourism and tourism for short visits to cities.


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