Around Seven thousand People still in Mass Graves!

12957227_1145874192130202_1853297571_nTwenty one year after the war, it is still being searched for around 7.000 missing persons in BIH, among which the majority are Bosniaks, it was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH Lejla Čengić. So far, at least 500 mass graves have been unearthed, revealing remains of the killed Bosniaks. The largest number of those graves were found at the territory of Prijedor and in Srebrenica. The aggravating circumstance lately is the discovery of mass graves within minefields.

“It is certain that there are dozens of mass graves in BiH that are still unearthed, hundreds of individual graves, and those who committed the crimes have information about them. They do not have consciousness even now. It is still being searched for at least 7.000 persons of all nationalities, mostly Bosniaks. Only at the territory of Srebrenica it is being searched for 1.100 persons, at the territory of Prijedor it is being searched for 800 persons,” Čengić stated.

Čengić reminded that many mass graves were discovered at the dumps. Unfortunately, after exhumation these localities remain being dumps.

“People usually continue to dispose waste there. Our obligation is to return the localities into their original condition, given that it is being dug really deep, in some cases even some ten meters in depth. There is no placing of memorials at such localities or the showing of any kind of respect. I know that there is a memorial at only one pit in Sanski Most,” Čengić said.

Regarding the discovery of mass graves, Čengić said:

“When discovering mass graves, of all the methods using technical developments the most helpful were satellite images. Based on the movement of the ground, it can be assumed that the ground has been dug out in order to make a mass grave. Such information were mostly available for the territory of Srebrenica, Zvornik and Prijedor, where large mass graves were formed. Based on satellite imagery, it is very likely that the exhumation in Kozluk will begin again next week. We will search the dump in detail. Late last year, 55 remains were found at that location”.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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