Around 3 Million Foreigners employed in Germany, how many are from BiH?

Germany jobAround 31 million people in Germany have a job. The number of unemployed people decreased in last 10 years. The current unemployment rate is 5.7 %. Of the estimated 3 million foreigners who are employed in Germany, 63,000 of them are citizens of BiH. Whether it is a service industry, the metal, electrical or mechanical engineering, most of them do not need to be afraid for their job.

The share of citizens of BiH among foreign workers in the labor market of leading European economy is higher than 2%. The statistics of the German Federal Labour Agency from June 2016 recorded an annual growth of social insured from BiH by 10 %.

“German economy in recent years positively developed and we had an increase in the number of socially insured persons. Now we have a total of 31 million employees. We have three million foreign employees, and among them are 63,000 citizens of BiH,” according to the data of Beate Raabe, a spokeswoman for Central for mediation in the employment of Germany.

“Engineer in Germany earns about five times more than in BiH. The standard of living and expenses are also higher. You can make a good living. However, anyone who decides to take this step – should know that they need to give up on a lot of things and adapt to a completely new lifestyle,” says Graduated Civil Engineer, Bilal Kunduklija.

Unlike EU countries, as well as some other countries, Germany and BiH have only one bilateral project of employment. The project Triple Win, whose goal is the mediation and help in hiring caregivers from BiH in Germany.

“A good knowledge of the language is very important for work in Germany. Caregivers are preparing for it – they learn the German language and train for the work that is waiting for them. Preparations are very important in order for those who come here not to be disappointed,” stated Raabe.

(Source: akta.ba)

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