Arnaudija Mosque to be completed by the End of 2019?

Arnaudija DžamijaArnaudija mosque, which was built during the Ottoman Empire back in 1595 and destroyed by Serbian forces during the last war, will be reconstructed with the help of Turkey. The works will start on the 22nd of April.

Daily Sabah recalled that this is one of 927 mosques that were damaged during the last war in BiH. The funds for reconstruction will be donated by the Foundation of Waqf Directorate of Turkey, whose officials will attend the ceremony of laying the foundation stone. The ceremony will be attended by Director Adnan Ertem, his deputy Haldun Koc, the Ambassador of Turkey in BiH and many other representatives of the Islamic community in Turkey. Completion of the reconstruction is expected in two years.

In the new mosque will be built the old parts that have been preserved over time.

Ferhad Pasha Sokolovic, who was bey from Sandzak and the first Ottoman governor of Bosnia, ordered Hasan Efendija to build a beautiful mosque in Donji Seher in Banja Luka back in 1594. The name of the mosque has Albanian origin.

Daily Sabah concluded that the reconstruction of the mosque would significantly contribute to the positive atmosphere of life in Banja Luka because it represents an important object for people of all religions.

In cooperation of waqf directorates of BiH and Turkey are reconstructed Aladza mosque in Foca, Sinan mosque in Cajnice, as well as student dormitory of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo, and they will also work on renovation of the waqf sales center in Sanski Most, reconstruction of Sarena (colorful) mosque in Travnik, Behram mosque in Tuzla, Ferhad-bey mosque in Tesanj, Bascarsija mosque in Sarajevo and many other objects that are important to the Islamic center and our country in general.

(Source: klix.ba)

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