Armed Forces of B&H – Excellent Peacekeepers and Promotors of our Country

armed forces of B&HThe Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) justified their existence in the nine years since their establishment especially in 2014 when they have proven to be that the most organized part of BiH society, said Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zekerijah Osmić yesterday at a press conference in Sarajevo, that took place on the occasion of the Day of the AF BiH.

He gave numerous examples of strong and selfless commitment of the members of the AF BiH as part of civil-military cooperation that has come to light in providing assistance to individuals and civil structures during the unprecedented floods that hit in May BiH.

“The operations were started as a rescue mission in May, in which AF BiH rescued more than 6,000 civilians, and they continued through the activities to help the people affected by floods,” said Osmić.

At the same time, they recalled the successful involvement in the destruction of surplus weapons, ammunition and explosive ordnance, stating that as part of the “Explode” project in cooperation with the EU, the OSCE Mission to BiH and the UNDP, they destroyed about 1,000 tons ammunition and mines, making their total volume decreased to 16,000 tons.

According to him, members of AF BiH achieved great success in their own engagement as part of peacekeeping mission in the world and so become the best promoters of our country.

“AF BiH is the key to BiH’s path to NATO. It turned out that they are necessary for BiH and all its citizens and serve as a guarantor of security and as an instrument of BiH statehood,” said Minister Osmić.

Chief of the Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Anto Jeleč stressed that so far more than 900 members of the AF BiH participated in peacekeeping missions, and collective security operations around the world, starting from Ethiopia and Eritrea, over Iraq and Afghanistan and Congo and Mali.

He further states that in 2014, activities on the education and training of AF BiH were conducted in order to improve the Armed Forces.

The highest officials of Defense Ministry and the AF BiH expressed their gratitude to all the countries/partners on many projects, and in particular EUFOR and NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo who provided continuous support BiH defense structures.

At the same time, they congratulate the soldiers and citizens on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the existence of AF BiH.

(Source: Fena / photo: rvutsk.ba)

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