Are torrential Floods possible in BiH as well?

An orange meteorological alarm is on in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which implies danger to people and material goods.

Tonight and in the next two days, more abundant precipitation and new torrential floods are possible. Significant water levels are expected to rise in the Bosna River Basin.

In Doboj and Modrica, the level of regular flood defence is forecast to be reached, and the peak of the flood wave is expected from Monday to Tuesday. The good news is that there is no danger of major floods hitting Western Europe or in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014.

The danger of new torrential floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina will last until Tuesday. A strong storm hit Modrica last night, where 90 liters of rain per square meter fell. Meteorologists warn of the danger of torrential floods, which can do huge damage in a few hours.

Igor Kovacic, meteorologist of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of the Republika Srpska:

“Both Sunday and Monday bring very heavy rainfall in the northern region, over 50 liters per square meter. From Tuesday, the weather will calm down and summer time will return, but not as extreme with the heat as we had in the previous period. “

Bakir Krajinovic, the meteorologist of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMZ), warned in his statement of possible torrential floods but stressed that they will not be as they were in Western Europe or in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in May 2014.

He noted that FHMZ has already announced an orange meteorological alarm due to the danger that heavy rainfall will cause torrential floods. He pointed out which parts of the country are at the highest risk.

“These are watercourses of small catchment areas that can overflow during intense precipitation. These are the amounts of rain that fall in a very short period. An orange meteorological alarm has been issued for the entire BiH due to such precipitation and the risks they bring. Western, northern, and partly northeastern parts of BiH are at the highest risk. There will also be rain in other parts, but they are at lower risk, ” said Krajinovic.

Also, he reminded that the orange meteorological alarm implies that there is a danger to people and material goods. When this alarm is announced, the public is called to be prepared for possible natural disasters.

According to him, intense precipitation is expected by July 19th, and the precipitation should weaken during the next week – judging by the current forecasts.

“Then the atmosphere will partially stabilize, so the warning lasts until July 19th, when we expect the largest amounts of precipitation, and after that there will be stabilization and calming,” Krajinovic stated, adding that temperatures will be in amounts that are appropriate for this period of the year.

Further, he mentioned that especially those who have had problems with this type of disaster should be prepared for torrential floods.

Is it possible that the scenario that occurred in Western Europe and BiH in 2014 happen again?

He was asked how likely is it for floods like the ones happening in Western Europe these days or the ones that happened in BiH in May 2014 to happen here again.

“The floods that have hit Western Europe will not happen here. These are extreme and historic floods. What we expect is not even close to those floods. However, we should not be relaxed and we should raise people’s awareness that there is a risk, and risks should be minimized, ” told Krajinovic.

As he stated, there is no possibility of floods that occurred in May 2014 to happen now, Klix.ba writes.


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