Are there any Citizens of BiH injured in Wildfires in Greece?

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Greece, Milica Ristović Krstic, stated that so far none of the citizens of BiH has asked for help due to the situation regarding the fires in Greece, and noted that the fire is currently spreading in the Peloponnese.

“For now, we have no information whether our citizens were evacuated, because there is a possibility that they stayed in Evia or the Peloponnese with one of the agencies from Serbia, who evacuated their tourists from the areas affected by the fires and placed them safely,” Krstic pointed out.

Krstić said that several BiH citizens who are spending their summers on Evia, but in parts that are not threatened by fire, answered the emergency phone numbers.

According to her, they responded with information that they were safe and that they were there.

Krstić pointed out that the fires on Evia are slowly being extinguished, the fire area is being reduced, but, unfortunately, large areas of forest have been burned.

“It is estimated that between 500 and 700 hectares of forest have been burned, which is the largest forest area burned in fires in Greece so far,” she said.

Krstic said that it was bad that the fire was now spreading in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese, where 11 settlements were evacuated today.

She reminded that help arrived in Greece from all over the world, from more than 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East, and teams were sent to endangered areas, where they are helping Greek firefighters to put out the fire.

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