Archives: Local Elections in BiH from 1884 until Today

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Local elections that were held today were the seventh elections in BiH after the war from 1992 until 1995.

However, in the modern history of BiH local elections were held in the Austro-Hungarian period, during the Kingdom of SHS/Yugoslavia, and in the socialist period. Materials that testify to elections in those times can be found in the Archives of BiH and in the Historical Archive Sarajevo.

First city elections in Austro-Hungarian period were held in Sarajevo on March 13, 1884. Out of 1.106 voters, 839 voted. They were choosing two thirds of the city delegates, while the remaining third of delegates and the city mayor were selected by the Provincial Government.

Senior Archivist in the Historical Archive Sarajevo Haris Zaimović and Senior Expert Associate in the Institute for History of the University of Sarajevo Mr. Enes Omerović presented to the public some materials from the rich archives that refer to the elections in Sarajevo in 1884, election posters of Jewish candidates from municipal elections in BiH in 1928, and candidate lists from first local elections in Sarajevo in the socialist era.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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