Archive of FB&H: Ambassador with Seven Exhibitions Abroad

split-srebrenicaThe FB&H Archives organized this year seven exhibitions abroad, and in this way the institution became a true ambassador of B&H on the international scene, said the Director of the Archives Adamir Jerković.

At the press conference in Sarajevo, he explained that there were two exhibitions of the Archive-‘Srebrenica Inferno’ and ‘Mostar 20 Years After’, which were presented to the public in Berlin, Adapazar, Jalova, Izmit, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Adana.

‘’During the summer we showed the exhibition about Mostar to the Turkish people. They supported our idea of a unique city there will be space for Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. The exhibition ‘Mostar 20 years later’ visited Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla, and was placed in two areas in Sarajevo, at the international center for children and youth and in the lobby of the train station’’, he said.

He announced that these exhibitions will be set up in Goražde on 7 January, whle next year the Archive of the FB&H plans to set up the exhibition ‘Srebrenica Inferno’ in the US.

In addition, Jerković announced that this institution will, among other things, show the national and world public next year several new exhibitions-‘Sarajevo Assasination’, ‘World War One’, ‘Turkey in the First World War’ and ‘Bosniaks and the First Military’.


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