The Archaeological Works on the Stecak Necropolis started near Trolleybus Terminal in Novi Grad

The Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo in cooperation with the PI Museum of Sarajevo started archaeological works on the construction of stecak necropolis near the building of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo.

Archaeological works are conducted in the vicinity of the trolleybus terminal of KJKP GRAS, and the aim of this project is to inform citizens about the existence of the stecak necropolis in the area of the municipality and the importance for the general public as well as to protect the cultural and historical heritage from devastation.

Within the arrangement of the archaeological site is planned cleaning, marking and conservation and partial restoration of stecak tombstones, which are located near the trolleybus terminal.

“We will be doing an arrangement of the archeological site of the medieval necropolis Kakanj-Svrakino Selo, with the partial reconnaissance of the terrain and the conservation of two visible stecak tombstones, which are located here,” said museum advisor at the Museum of Sarajevo, archaeologist Adnan Muftarevic, who is managing the works.

In order for the works to start and run smoothly, all necessary approvals and permissions of the competent institutions were obtained, including the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural and Historical and Natural Heritage of Canton Sarajevo.

(Source: klix.ba)

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