The Archaeological Exhibition “Running of Celtic Horses” to be held in the National Museum

Today, the guest exhibition ” Running of Celtic Horses ” will be opened in the National Museum of BiH.

This is the first archaeological guest exhibition from the Republic of Slovenia in BiH, and the authors of the exhibition are Miha Mlinar (Tolmin Museum) and Teja Gerbec (Goris Museum).

This exhibition presents the location of Bizjak’s hisa (house) in Kobarid – a Celtic sanctuary where gifts and sacrificial animals were ritually contributed, and these rituals were dating from the beginning of the early Iron Age.

To the original form of the exhibition was added the material from the locality Kamenjaca in Breza, which has related archaeological material and very similar character of the sanctuary place.

The exhibition includes 60 items that were discovered during the research, and it was designed in a way that a large sketch of the researched locality is presented in a large cabinet, in which the objects are placed in the same manner as they were discovered.

The exhibited items also have legends written in the Slovenian and Croatian language, which are explaining the research, the discovered findings and the character of the site.






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