Archaeological Excavations near Tomislavgrad continued after promising early Results

An archaeologist and curator of the Franciscan museum Fra Jozo Krizic in Tomislavgrad Stipan Dilber is continuing to conduct archaeological research of the Karaula archeological excavation in Tomislavgrad with a group of volunteers. It’s located next to the city’s only Catholic cemetery.

According to Dilbera, the Karaula archeological excavation is historically significant and the first records of the research date back to 1896, when Karl Patch, the then-head curator of the National Museum in Sarajevo conducted research.

According to Dilber, most stone monuments are from the Roman era, including sacrificial remains and fragments of sarcophaguses dedicated to various Roman deities. Fragments of medieval furniture were also found.

“This site has a great archaeological significance, so it was decided to explore and document the area where the city cemetery is supposed to be expanded into.”

“At the moment, the north side of the cemetery is being prodded, with excavations being carried out with the hope that something will be found somewhere, which would give this place an even greater importance,” Dilber told FENA.

Recent research at these sites has yielded a lot of fragments of ceramics and glass from the Roman period, as well as segments of walls even though, according to the curator, it is still necessary to do further excavation in order to find out what the construction itself was and when it was built.


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