Arabs to buy an Entire abandoned Villages in BiH?

arabsArabs from the United Arab Emirates want to buy even 12.000 acre of land in Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are very interested in Herzegovina, as confirmed by the director of the Real Estate Agency AB-DOM, Vedina Delki, who searches the land in BiH in the name of Arab partners.

As she said, her partners will come to BiH in these days, in order to visit some of potential locations that the agency found for them. It would suit them the most if the land is on abandoned villages, so Arabs could buy large area on one place.

“My partners are from Emirates, and they have their own factories in Dubai and 400 employees. They want to buy the land in Herzegovina for food production. It is about the company Al-Shourafa Group, and they have a registered company in Sarajevo – Tasali Group. They want to buy 12.000 acres of land in BiH. It is a large area“, stated Delki and emphasized that it is about serious customers and not about tricksters.

“Now we were seeking for the land in Herzegovina. We found some in Capljina and Ljubuski, but that land’s price is 3- 6 BAM per square meter and they are now ready to pay 1.5 BAM per square meter“, revealed Delki. She added that she found a land in Bihac at these prices. It is about abandoned land that is not being cultivated. According to her, Serbs sold to Italians a large areas of abandoned land for 1 euro per square meter. So she seeks for a land in abandoned villages that could be offerd to Arabs.



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