Arabs buying Companies in Herzegovina, what are they most interested in? 

15877278Unlike Sarajevo and the central BiH, where prices of real estate, land, villas and apartments have increased several times over the past few months due to the invasion of citizens from Arab countries, an entirely different trend strikes Herzegovina.

Arabs, and even more Turks, are buying companies and launching businesses there.

According to Kamel Ratkušić from the Agency Agenta from Mostar, several business acquisitions took place in Herzegovina in the past month. In addition to Hepok, which was sold, the Kuwaiti Fund purchased another plantation and they are currently negotiating with the owners of the former Greenhouses in the Mostar settlement Buna. The Greenhouses used to operate within Hepok and even larger business group APRO. The Kuwaitis are also considering the purchase of certain agricultural locations at the territory of Ljubuški.

“Currently, the people coming from Arab countries are most interested in tourism. However, the trend of real investments, the genuine and healthy investments, has started, after years of investments in agricultural production mostly,” said Ratkušić, who points out that they have been striving to open the area of Herzegovina for investments for the past two years, considering it much more interesting due to its beauties and potentials.


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