Approximately Four Million Medical Prescriptions Issued Only in Canton Sarajevo

pharmacy ekapijaPharmacies may in certain situations make some changes in the prescribed medicine, but exactly in accordance with the Regulation on Conditions for Prescribing and Dispensing of Medicines in Retail in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The president of the Chamber of Pharmacists of Sarajevo Canton Mirsad Šabaređović said that the Article 27 of this Regulation allows the pharmacists to issue a remedy of the same composition and effect, only from another manufacturer, in case when the pharmacy does not have the prescribed medicine.

“These situations usually do not happen so often, they are sporadic cases and they do not affect the quality of the provision of pharmaceutical services or the safety of medicines in any way”, he said.

Šabaređović recalls that more than 170 pharmacies issues prescription medicines in Canton Sarajevo and about four million prescriptions are issued annually. He points out that they have never had any complaints from patients about any wrongly issued remedy.

“The Chamber records everything, and we had no verbal or written complaints so far. I am convinced that the pharmacists, generally, adhere to the Ordinance on professional drug dispensing, and that they issue the appropriate remedy that is of same composition and effect with the consent of the patient, so that the patient is not damaged this way”, he said.

He says that the issuing of drugs and / or drugs in general are very sensitive issues because patients must have confidence primarily in the remedy they drink, as well as in the prescriber and the master who is issuing the remedy.

He specifies that the Chamber issues an operating license to the pharmacists, and if it is found that the drug has not been issued in accordance with the Regulations, the license may be confiscated.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo ekapija)

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