What is the approved Amount of Budget of Canton Sarajevo for 2018?

After five hours long discussion, deputies in the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo adopted the budget of CS in the amount of 769.080.000 BAM with 21 votes in favor and 9 against.

According to the Minister of Finance of CS Jasmin Halebic, the budget is both developmental and social, and the funds are distributed equally between budget users, resources and ministries.

Most of the funds are directed to capital projects regarding reconstruction and maintenance of the tram railroad, the construction and reconstruction of the intersections in the CS, as well as the intersection on Vogosca loop.

The Prime Minister of CS Elmedin Konakovic noted that this is the best budget that was ever adopted, it is the most capital oriented, and a total of 144 million BAM has been allocated for capital investments.

Funds from the budget will be allocated for capital projects of road construction and settlement of property legal rights, construction of tram stops for controlled billing and introduction of ITS, the program of restructuring of CPUC GRAS 6.000.000 BAM, and for the purchase and overhaul of buses, trolley buses and minibuses a total of 3.000.000 BAM.

The budget funds are also directed to the Ministry of Interior for the purchase of 80 motor vehicles, for the construction of the University Library – personal participation, the construction of elementary schools in settlements Aneks, Sip and Stup, and the investment in PUC Water and Sewerage in the amount of more than 3 million BAM will be continued, as well as the realization of the loan from EBRD in the amount of 10 million EUR.

The funds for procurement of equipment for the PI Dom zdravlja were allocated as well as for CCUS and PI General Hospital “Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakas”, and a total of 2.500.000 BAM is planned for solving property and legal rights in industrial zones.

The funds were also allocated for the war-veteran population.

After the adoption of the budget of CS for 2018, deputies of the Assembly of CS adopted the Proposal for the Execution of the Budget of CS for the next year.

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