Have you applied for SPARKreators League?

August 31, 2017 4:30 PM

Autumn is here, and so it the new school year – it’s time to continue with SPARKreators League. This time, schools that didn’t get the chance to participate the last time can apply, but only if they own their own mBot equipment. Schools that have already participated in the league don’t have to sign up again.

What is SPARKreators League? It is a competition for elementary students through which they can gain knowledge of robotics, programming, and automation from the earliest age. By promoting these professions in BiH, children will show greater motivation for teamwork and learning.

Why mBot? MBot is an all-in-one solution that enables children to learn about programming, electronics, and robotics in a simple and interesting way. The video clip will best explain all the potentials of this robot. You can buy a new mBot kit at SYNC with a 20 percent discount (contact them by email prodaja@sync.ba).

How to participate in the SPARKreators league 2017/2018? For starters, the school should own at least one basic mBot robot kit, and then fill out a short form on our website. You need information about the school you are applying for, as well as contact information of the school director and the competition mentor. Primary schools, educational associations or other legal entities that educate children in robotics can participate. SPARK school will provide all mentors with all the necessary literature for successful preparation for the competition. Read the SPARKreatos League rules.

Applications are open by Wednesday, 6 September 2017 at 15 o’clock. SPARKreators League – Educate, Inspire, Create!


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