How Anur Hadžiomerspahić explained the World’s Attitude towards Syria?

syria-explanationWinner of many international and national awards in the field of design and advertising, artist Anur Hadžiomerspahić became a chronicler of global disaster and the voice of reason in today’s deluded world, where neoliberal capitalism is on force.

Hadžiomerspahić has to opuses “Human Condition” and “Face Art”, and all his works were created as a critical reflection on the society and the world we live in today. In the time when the Syrian city of Aleppo is on the verge of experiencing the same fate as Srebrenica, especially current is his work “Merry Christmas”. That is not because this holiday is coming, but because of what this artist presented on it.

In the first plan is a family which sits at an official dinner, smiling, while a live reportage from Syria is being shown on the TV. There, women and children suffer. The work was created this year within the opus “Fake Art” and represents human empathy towards others, which is why so many wars and destruction take place in the world.

“Since the nineties I have been pointing to the issue of alienation. I lived in Milano, seeing and feeling every day how people alienated from each other. Alienation is the consequence of a capitalist system which, perverting in the support of individualism and competition, eventually led the humans to the extreme selfishness and pathological absence of empathy. Today it is perfectly normal to have a dinner and watch in real time how people are being killed. Alienation is a pandemic disease of our age,” said Hadžiomerspahić.


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