Another Success of the CCUS: Two new Levels of the Central Medical Block to open

CCUS New Floors radiosarajevo.baThe Clinical Center University of Sarajevo has implemented one more project with the aim of improving the quality of services for the patients; therefore 14th and 15th level of the Central Medical Block will be opened for work on August 31st.  The Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat and the Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery will be located on these floors.

“This is an exceptionally worth project thanks to which we will provide more quality services to our patients and facilitate the work of our doctors and medical staff. Completely new rooms and more pleasant ambience will contribute to a better and more comfortable stay of our patients”, it was stated by the Press Office of this Institution.

Thanks to the means of the Saudi Development fund, the newly constructed rooms of the 14th and 15th floor of the CMB were built in accordance with the highest world standards, along with completely new equipment in the level with European and world clinics.

Since May this year, the largest health institution in B&H was awarded the status of University Clinical Hospital, based on the Resolution of the University of Sarajevo (number 0101-3138/15 of May 20th 2015).

Thanks to the exceptionally good cooperation of the Administration and the Union of the CCUS, the Union of the CCUS has given its consent for the respecting of the collective contract on the employees’ salaries, and all the decisions and important activities are to be implemented with mutual consent and in the best interest of the employees of the CCUS.

A lot has been done on improving the quality of services for the patients since the beginning of the year, and one of the significant projects was the renovation of the Clinic for Urgent Medicine, at which 500 patients are treated daily.

“The area of the new Clinic for Urgent Medicine covers 1.350 square meters. Besides the reconstructed interior, new tunnel road was constructed by which a compromised patient can reach the urgent medicine for a little more than a minute. This way, better and more adequate health protection and the faster reception in the urgent medicine center have been provided”, stated the Press Office.

The Clinical Center University of Sarajevo disposes with 1.952 beds, with a tendency of lowering the number of beds to 1.700, and the total occupancy rate is 75 – 80 percent, since every clinic must have a certain number of free beds, in case of contingencies.

(Source: klix.ba)

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