Another Positive Story from B&H: How to Recognize the Possibilities of the Local market?

September 29, 2014 5:15 PM

5426996a-53d0-46b4-9a7e-308ed973813e-bisnode-2-previewThe conference dedicated to promotion and connecting of Slovenia and B&H “Bisnode Business Bridge” was held recently in Sarajevo. The goal of this conference which gathered 90 companies from these two countries was to get to know better the possibilities of the local market as well as to connect entreprenurs.

The conference was open by Maria Anselmi, general director of the Bisnode Southern Markets while the business advisor at the Slovenian Embassy in B&H, Gregor Presker spoke about the former cooperation between Slovenia and B&H. He said that last year around 3 000 companies from Slovenia exported to B&H while only around 1 200 companies from B&H exported to Slovenia.

“Even 10 % of the entire Slovenian investments is related to B&H and around 580 companies from Slovenia does business in B&H. There is an interest for an even bigger cooperation, especially for the third market.” – said Presker.

As an example of such a cooperation, he mentioned the Fenix project of the construction companies from the region which appear together at the third market and mentioned that Slovenia initiated a donor’s conference for the areas affected by the floods and that on that occasion 1 million Euros was raised and will be distributed in B&H and Serbia.

Talking about foreign investments and the business environment in our country in general, the executive director of the Council of foreign investors in B&H, Bojana Škrbić-Omerović said that there are 40 companies in the Council which invested 5 Billion Euros so far and hired 13 000 employees.

“Reinvestment was lately at level zero which means that the last year wasn’t favourable for current and potential investors. One other thing disabling investments is the FB&H proposal of eliminating benefits of export through the Law on income taxes” – added Škrbić – Omerović.

In the final part of the first Bisnode Business Bridge conference, the director of RAŽ (Development agency Žepče) Branka Janko and the project manager Maja Jukić presented the possibilities of investing in Žepče and the potentials of the cooperation with the companies from Žepče.

Bisnode B&H, as part of the Europe’s leading company for business and solvency information was founded in 2013 in Banja Luka in order to present the business of all legal subjects in the most transparent way as possible.

(Source: Depo portal /Blin magazine)


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