Anonymous Resident of Sarajevo donated Wolf to the Pioneer Valley

The Pioneer Valley has a new, autochthonous animal, the one whose character represented a symbol of BH Olympic city and whose voice was not heard in this recreation and entertainment center for more than 20 years.

Wolf, a female, beautiful and old only 18 months old, is a new inhabitant of the “Pionir Valley”. She is grey and cheerful, and she already found her home, adapted to the presence of other animals, the people who are taking care of her, and visitors who were in the “Pionir Valley” during her period of adaptation.

A resident of Sarajevo found her as a cub and since she was not accustomed to independent life in the forest, he wanted her to find a home in the only BH Zoo. Since his “pet” would not survive in the forest, and he was sure that she will get the right food, shelter, and necessary medical care in the “Pionir Valley”, he decided to give her to the Zoo. According to him, she will become a favourite animal to the youngest visitors of the “Pioneer Valley” in no time, and our children will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the animals that live in our forests.

“With the new inhabitant, the Pioneer Valley continues the process of enrichment of its contents, and besides the fact that this is the autochthonous animal species from our region, this April will be remembered because the popular “Pionir Valley” from Sarajevo, after 26 years, has a wolf again. Therefore, besides children, our wolf will be interesting to their parents as well, since they were not able to see this beautiful animal before,” as noted from the PUC Park.

Everyone who want to see the new inhabitant of the “Pioneer Valley” can do it on every day in April, and this beautiful green oasis is open in the period from 8 AM to 7 PM.

(Source: faktor.ba)




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