Anonymous Benefactor paid all Debts in Stores in Visoko

visokoAn anonymous benefactor paid all debts of customers in local stores yesterday in Visoko.

As confirmed by Tarik Uzunalic, the owner of Market Centar that is located in Gracanica in the vicinity of Visoko, a young girl parked the car in front of his store and asked for the owner.

“I told her that I am the owner and she asked me if I am giving the goods “on credit”. I laughed and said that it depends, which is true. Then she asked if I have a book of debtors and when I said that I do, she asked me to sum up the amount of those debts because she wants to pay them all,” said Uzunalic, who was very surprised by this request.

After they summed up all the debts of customers, they realized that they amounted to several thousand BAM.

“Some debts were even several years old and I thought that she will reconsider her decision to pay, but she took an envelope and paid the full amount of money. She said that a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous wanted to help the local population by doing this,” explained Uzunalic.

Later he heard that the same girl visited other stores near Visoko as well and paid the debts of other customers.

“We usually give goods “on credit” to our neighbors and people who live nearby and who are in a more difficult financial situation,” noted Uzunalic.

And this morning, at the door of his store was a sign which stated that anyone who owed money does not owe anything anymore because everything was paid by an anonymous benefactor.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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