Anniversary of the Killing of US Diplomats and a French Soldier marked

godisnjicaOrganized by the Ministry of Defense of BiH, the 21st anniversary of the killing of US diplomats Joseph Kruzel, Robert Freiser, Samuel Nelson Drew and the French soldier Stephan Reault was marked on Igman.

They were killed on August 19, 1995 on the Igman road.

After a successfully executed peacekeeping mission, US diplomats from the cabinet of Richard Holbrooke, the special envoy of the President of the USA Bill Clinton, and the French soldier who was driving the transporter tragically lost their lives while returning to Sarajevo.

Charge d’affairs of the US Embassy in BiH Paul Horowitz stated that every member of the US delegation was aware of the danger that existed in BiH at the time and that the very fact that they came here to conduct their mission shows how dedicated they were to keeping peace.

“We must not forget that peace in the Balkans is important for all people in this region and we work together every day to confirm that their sacrifice was not for nothing,” Horowitz said.

Charge d’affairs of the French Embassy in BiH Catherine Weber said that their thoughts are with the families of those four courageous men whose devotion will never be forgotten.

Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH Sead Jusić stated that those who were killed on Igman 21 years ago are the source of inspiration for peacekeepers around the world and a motivation for contribution of the Armed Forces of BiH and BiH police officers who now serve in international peacekeeping operations.

According to Jusić, thanks to people like these four brave men Bosnia and Herzegovina finds the paths of progress, striving to join the Euro-Atlantic integration.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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