Anniversary of the Death of Emerik Blum marked

emerikThe roundtable “Shiny business spirit of Emerik Blum and the return of that spirit to the present Energoinvest” was held in Sarajevo yesterday, on the occasion of the marking of the anniversary of death of Emerik Blum, founder and the first director of Energoinvest. Wreaths were laid previously, along with the evoking of memories of that great man.

The aim of the gathering was to restore the confidence in the abilities and potentials of the present Energoinvest and to raise the necessary business confidence and motivation of young employees in that enterprise.

Moreover, a message was sent that the present Energoinvest, whose majority is owned by the state, can and should be the backbone of the economic potential of BiH, just like the former Energoinvest. This is also recognized and supported by the current Government of FBiH, stated the Public Relations Office of Energoinvest.

Emerik Blum was born in Sarajevo in 1911. He was the founder and first director of Energoinvest in Sarajevo, one of the largest BiH companies. He graduated in electrical engineering at the University of Prague. He was the mayor of Sarajevo, an engineer, businessman and artist, anti-fascist, camp detainee and holder of the title “Legion of Honour” of France. He died in 1984.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/photo: novovrijeme.ba)

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