Anniversary of the Battle on Monte Melleti to be marked this year in Sarajevo

monte melleti battle“The manifestation of peace and memories (Melettagedenken) Meletta” on the anniversary of the great battle of Monte Meletti, in northern Italy, is held every year in early June, and in that battle, the Austro-Hungarian army achieved one of the most famous victories in the World War I.

The host of the event this year is Sarajevo.

“This manifestation should send a message of peace and prosperity, and given the fact that among the fallen members of the Austro-Hungarian army were our citizens of all faiths, we believe that is very important for BiH. Within the manifestation that will take place in Sarajevo on the 2nd of June this year, we are planning to visit the memorial Eternal Fire and memorial for Children killed during the siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995, and visit of the cemeteries of members of all peoples in BiH,” said Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Nedzad Ajnadzic. He also added that they will visit all the locations that preserve the memory of the defense of the city and state of BiH, and nourish the achievements of veterans.

The Vice-President of the Association of Austrian-BiH friendship Dr. Herwig Brandstetter said that he is pleased that this year’s event will take place in BiH, and announced the arrival of 70 people from Italy and Austria.

On the meeting was agreed the formation of the Organizing Committee for marking the anniversary of the great battle of Monte Meletti, which will be led by the Minister for Veterans and Disabled Veterans of War of FBiH Salko Bukvarevic.

To recall, the Battle of Monte Meletti took place on the 7th of June 1916, when the Italian army was defeated and 208 Bosniaks of different faiths were killed. They were members of the Bosnian regiment within the Austro-Hungarian army, known as the Bosniak regiment. This regiment is one of the most honored units in the Austro-Hungarian army, and its members were recognizable by their hats that were gray in war and red in peace. In honor of all the members of the Bosniak infantry regiments that were part of the Austro-Hungarian army, Austrian composer Eduard Wagnes composed military march entitled “Die Bosniaken kommen” (Bosniaks are coming), which is still performed on all military events in Austria, as announced by the Press Service of the Municipality Centar.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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