Animal Protection Center in Mostar is taking care of 70 different Dogs

Animal Protection Center (ACC) from Mostar in February this year opened the first Animal Shelter in Herzegovina.

The shelter that is currently taking care of abandoned dogs, and is about to begin accepting cats soon, is located in Kozica, near Mostar.

The Stray Village Animal Care Center is a shelter for dogs in the true sense of the word, and the conditions in which dogs are staying are more than good. In the box, in addition to the sufficient amount of water and food, there are also coolers.

Ambulance, food and water, various preparations and medicines, dog breeds, chains … a scene waiting for you at the entrance to the shelter.

In addition to the boxes for dogs, the shelter also has an enormous yard where dogs are released in groups to get the necessary physical activity.

There are about 70 different dogs currently in this asylum, and ACC volunteers say that hundreds of dogs have passed since the opening of the shelter.

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