Anesa Kajtazović is Candidate for Seat in US Congress

anesaYoung Bosnian Anesa Kajtazović (27), member of the Parliament in the state of Iowa, USA, has huge expectations in the campaign for a seat in the US Congress.

This ambitious woman, who comes from Bihać, entered the Iowa Parliament when she was 24 years old, and now, three years later, is in a campaign to become a member of the US Congress, which lasts until 31 December.

She said that she is living the American dream. She is a candidate for the Democratic party, and her campaign is dedicated to the middle class population. She is garnering more supporters every day, while citizens of B&H who live in the US have given her their support.

During her discussions with representatives of the B&H community in the US, she said that she is not the child of a millionaire, but rather comes from an average Bosnian family who is trying to succeed in this country through hard work.

‘’I live and breathe al the values of the middle class and you can count on me to work tirelessly to ensure that all citizens of Iowa will get the possibilities and opportunities that they deserve’’, said Kajtazović.

She visited many other districts in the past few months as part of her campaign, held many meetings with democrat representatives, war veterans, and she dedicated her campaign to the education system, environmental protection and ensuring equal rights for all citizens.

She is entering the race for Congress with four other candidates from the Democratic party.

The candidate who gets the most number of votes in the primary election will go to the general elections, and a win here would ensure a spot in Congress.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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