An Android App for searching for a Job ‘Zaposli se’ presented

appThe Android app ‘Zaposli se (Get a Job)’ by which unemployed young persons can, in a very easy and fast way, get information about open ads, was presented yesterday at the Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton.

The director of this institution Igor Kamocaji said that unemployed persons can install this application very easily on their Android phones and get information about the current ads, and ultimately get the desired job. He added that the application represents an improvement of IT services, in addition to e-bureaus and the free legal aid.

Kamocaji also announced opening of the center for employers in order to improve the interaction of the Employment Service and employers.

“The service, in addition to the experimental bureau and job clubs (in Centar and Novo Sarajevo), was first in the region to initiate projects of Legal Assistance and a Call Center, and plans to open a first center for employers in the FBiH soon,” concluded Kamocaji.

On the website of this ministry in 2015, a total of 450 employers were registered who have announced 784 competitions for 1,034 jobs, and in the first half of 2016, 306 employers expressed the need to hire 1,094 people through 433 ads. Currently on the website, 64 ads are active.

By mediation in employment in 2015, a total of 15,256 people got a job, and in the first half of 2016 a total of 10,186 of them. In the first half of 2016, a total of 2,300 people got deleted from the records. According to these data on the labor market in CS, in the mentioned period, mostly unemployed persons with secondary education, university degree and those with skilled qualifications got employed.



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