Analysis: What is the Quality of Meat that we consume in BiH?

meatStudies have shown that BiH has the weakest system of monitoring of meat imports in our country.

”I wish we’d talk about these issues in a peaceful time when the issue of food quality is not all over the cover pages. BH public is very sensitive to these information. It concerns people’s health, and it shows that we have a lack of confidence in domestic food control system, ” said Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Nihad Fejzic.

The issue of food security is one of the key issues in the developed world today.

”We are a country that is building its own systems. I’m not talking just about food safety but also, for example, on education. The issue of food security is one of maybe even key issues in the developed world. In the EU, this is one of the most regulated areas in the whole system, but there are still problems, ” said Professor Fejzic.

” It has been established, for instance, that some bacteria cannot be destroyed by existing antibiotics. The bacteria can be destroyed by heat treatment, but it is very important to say that we need to start with responsible use of antibiotics. The use of antibiotics cannot take place in the way we used to do it. Obligations of state services are to educate their consumers. Obligation of us who possess the information in the world is to convey it to consumers and develop that part of social responsibility, ” said the Dean of the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo and concluded:

”The antibiotic itself is not harmful, however, here comes to interactions between antibiotics and bacteria. We are all consumers above all, we are talking about our health, as well as responsibility. When something like this happens, we always talk about some enhanced control. But control must be constant. The aim is to establish a monitoring program that will be paid by the state and consumers. Civil service must stand behind domestic production, and the state borders must be secured ”.

(Source: N1)

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