Analysis: the Percentage of illiterate woman significantly decreased

March 6, 2017 4:15 PM

women2According to the census done in 2013, there are 3,531,159 residents in BiH, and women make up 1,798,889 or 50.94 percent.

“According to the censuses from 1879 to 1931 there were more men living in BiH, while according to the census from 1948 to 2013 there were more women,” said the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

Of 1,798,889 of women in BiH, 264,743 of them are up to 14 years old, 1,241,294 of them are in the group from 15 to 64 years old, and 292.852 are above 65 years old. According to the census done in 2013, there were 28,069 people over 85 years, of which 19,017 women.

The average age of women in BiH is 40.73 years (men 38.24) and of the 1,534,146 women aged 15 and over, according to the census, 880,530 are married, 339,422 have never been married, 257,047 are widows and 57,147 divorced.

Of the 1,534,146 women aged 15 and over, 426,346 do not have offsprings, 210,210 of them gave birth to one child, 528,094 have two, 221,238 have three and 148,258 women gave birth to four or more children.

The percentage of illiterate women (aged 10 and over) is reduced from 23.28 percent in 1981 to 16.38 percent in 1991 and 4.76 percent in 2013. This indicator is much higher among women than among men (0, 79 percent) of the population of BiH.

Of the 29,770 live births in BiH in 2015, mothers aged from 25 to 29 years old gave births to 10,021 babies, from 30 to 34 years gave birth to 8,520, from 20 to 24 years gave birth to 5,853 babies, whereas the rest refers to the mothers of other age groups.

The average age of mothers at first child birth (according to data for 2015) in BiH amounted to 27.17, at the birth of the second 29.88 and at the birth of the third child 32.27 years.

Of the 19,686 marriages in 2015, 6,360 were signed by brides from 25 to 29 years, 6181 those aged 20 to 24, 2595 bride from groups of 30 to 34 years, and the remainder relates to other age groups.

The average age of brides at first marriage, according to data for 2015, was 26.4 years.

(Source: klix)


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