Analysis of a Meeting of BiH Presidency with Angela Merkel

The meeting of members of the Presidency of BiH with German Chancellor Angela Merkel took place in the ambience of certain expectations regarding the changes to the Election Law and activities on the continuation of the Euro-Atlantic path of our country.

Members of the Presidency, Izetbegovic and Covic, sent some of the messages after the meeting that were positive from their perspective.

“This diplomatic speech and their messages do not reveal all the details, and I honestly doubt that the public will ever get to know all of the details. The whole story is that Merkel collected all the data on the current situation in BiH and that the engagement of Germany as an European authority is now expected for resolving open issues in BiH, which will be manifested through European institutions. It is certain that Germany will make some steps. Now will follow the phase of gathering information from the field, and some concrete plans of action will be made later,” stated political analyst Dr. Slaven Kovacevic.

He believes that Germany will try to help our country in every way possible.

“Germany, as one of the leaders in the EU, will try to help BiH to get its status as soon as possible and join the EU for sure. This means that the authorities in BiH, whoever they might be after the elections, must meet European conditions in those 35 negotiating chapters. I expect from Germany to act in that dirrection, to make a valid candidate from BiH, but we need to meet all the required conditions here,” said Kovacevic.

Additional questions from the EC Questionnaire are expected, and they will largely determine the European path of our country.

“BiH will receive several hundred additional questions that will represent a real cross section of BiH on its path towards the EU. We will see what is expected from us then, and those questions will reveal non-European tendencies in BiH or form the forces that are on the EU path,” stated Kovacevic.

Izetbegovic said that they presented the disagreement between domestic politicians when it comes to the issue of the Election Law, and noted the ethnical principle that Dragan Covic represents and the civic principle on the other side.

(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)







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