Analysis: Labor Market, Employers and Employees in BiH

job_searchDuring the Seven Virtual Days of Career and Education (19th-26th of October 2016), portal “Posao.ba” carried out research whose objective was to identify similarities and differences of the labor market in BiH, Croatia and Serbia.

The study was organized in cooperation with leading portals for jobs in Croatia (MojPosao.net) and Serbia (Infostud.com). The study included more than 2,300 respondents.

Of the total number of respondents from BiH, 53% of them are employed, 33% unemployed, while 14% of respondents are still at school.

By the end of this year, the majority of respondents do not expect a raise (58%) or promotion (55%). This year, 16% of respondents already received a raise, and 15% of them were promoted. A raise is mostly expected by respondents from Serbia (23%) and 20% of respondents in BiH and Croatia.

When it comes to changing jobs, a third of respondents (30%) are planning to change jobs this year, and a quarter of respondents (22%) is planning to change the job only if forced. As in previous years, most respondents that are planning to change their jobs are from Serbia.

Most of the respondents are not afraid for their workplace (66%), while on the other hand 24% of respondents are afraid for their position.

If they could choose the ideal employer, most respondents would start their own business (40%), a third of respondents (30%) prefer to work for foreign owners, while 11% prefer to work for the state. Respondents in Croatia and Serbia choose to work in state institutions, while respondents in our country do not prefer this option. Of all respondents, respondents from BiH are most likely for entrepreneurial jobs.

The money is not the most important in the workplace, but human relations (32%) and recognition for their work (30%). Money is in third place and 21% of respondents said that this was their most important element. Unemployed respondents convincingly put the possibility of professional development and advancement within the company in the first place (71%) when choosing a job. These are followed by money and the position as an additional two important factors when choosing a new company to work.

The highest percentage of unemployed persons (37%) from BiH are without job because they have not been able to find it after graduation, while 27% of respondents did not find a job after the expiry of their fixed-term contracts. A total of 13% of the respondents were fired, and 7% of the respondents decided to look for a better opportunity.

A group of 27% of unemployed respondents is without job for less than three months, while 17% of respondents were unemployed for 1 to 3 years.

A total of 74% of unemployed respondents are seeking for new job opportunities on social networks, followed by specialized sites for employment, which were mentioned by 69% of respondents as their source of information when looking for a job. A total of 61% of respondents are searching for the job at forums and web sites. In the Department of Employment for job is searching 56% of respondents, while only 16% of respondents are listening to radio stations in search for new job opportunities.

Since unemployed, 31% of respondents applied for the average of 20 job places, and an equal number of respondents (31%) applied in the ten places. On more than 100 contests applied 9% of respondents, while 3% have not applied for any of the job competitions.

Most of the respondents who are educated (31%) are expecting to find a job within one to three months, and 17% expect to find a job within three to six months after graduation.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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