Analysis: ITA reveals the Highest Paid Salary in BiH

Data on monthly salaries of citizens of BiH, which were collected by the Tax Administration of the FBiH, reflect the social inequality that is present in our country, although it belongs to one of the least developed countries in Europe.

The difference between the rich and poor is more and more present, and it is visible in the record amount of monthly salary in the year of 2017. The largest monthly net salary in the FBiH amounted to a total of 380,590 BAM.

According to Adisa Hamzic, the Adviser for Public Relations in the Tax Administration of the FBiH, the second highest salary amounted to 259.993 BAM, and it is followed by 117.989 BAM, 92.577 BAM and 35.873 BAM.

“Considering the fact that the aforementioned salaries were paid in one month in 2017, we can assume that a regular monthly salary also included income from certain benefits,” stated Hamzic.

The amount of these salaries also included paid taxes and contributions.

“These salaries were paid in following fields: the pharmaceutical-chemical industry, the banking sector, wholesale trade and IT,” said Hamzic.

This data is recorded in detail in the Tax Administration of the FBiH and based on data from the form MIP-1023, i.e. Monthly Report on paid salaries, realized benefits and other taxable income of employees from dependent activities, paid contributions and advance payments.

The lowest salary in the FBiH amounted to 369 BAM in February 2017, which means that the lowest salary is 1,000 times lower than the largest salary in the FBiH (380,590 BAM).

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