Analysis: Comparison of Food Prices in BiH and EU Member States

In 2018, the price level of a basket of food and non-alcoholic beverages across the European Union was twice as high in the most expensive Member State as in the least expensive member state.

Thus, in 2018, Denmark had the highest price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages in the EU, which is 130 percent higher than the European average, according to Eurostat, the European Union Statistical Office.

At the other end of the chart, the lowest price level was recorded in Romania and was 66 percent of the average price level of a comparable basket.

The biggest price disparities were recorded for tobacco, with prices up to four times higher in the most expensive member states than in the cheapest.

The lowest level of prices in individual member states of the European Union was recorded in Bulgaria, accounting for 49% of the EU average, Poland 60% and Croatia by 62% and most in the UK, 204% of the average tobacco product in the Union, Ireland by 201% France 141 percent.

Research on the price level of food, beverages and tobacco is, in addition to EU countries, conducted in 9 other European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages in our country in 2018 were 76 percent of the average EU price level, while tobacco product prices were cheaper by 55 percent than the average price level of tobacco products in the EU, news portal reports.

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