Ana Trišić Babić on the discussion of the visa regime

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Ana Trišić Babić evaluated and said that B&H will not have to introduce the visa regime again, because B&H is not currently in the group of countries of the Western Balkans who may fear this new introduction of the visa regime.

Tanja Fajon from the European Parliament said that there is a great opportunity for some countries of the EU to suspend the non-visa regime, because of the alarming information about the number of people from the countries of the Western Balkans who are seeking refuge in other countries of the region.

This particular information was earlier inspected in B&H and it is concluded that the percentage of people who are seeking refuge is not alarming in B&H. The Minister Trišić Babić has confirmed that there will not be a reintroduction of the visa regime for B&H.



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