An Interesting Bazaar opened in Zenica

The Association of Citizens “Our Bridge” from Zenica organized a one-day bazaar where 40 unique exhibitors will present their products in “Dzananovic” centre until 21 o’clock today.

“This is foreseen to be a small bazaar for the participants of the education organized by Our Bridge, and for older people and children to exhibit their works at these workshops, but also exhibitors from Sarajevo, Visoko, Kakanj and Zenica,” Zdena Saric, the president of the association “Our Bridge” said, adding that due to the snow and bad conditions on the way, guests from Zavidovici and Visoko could not attend the bazaar.

The aim of selling is to secure money for new workshops. Many people participate in order to make new contacts for the future cooperation between the associations, but also to join “Our Bridge”.

She added that three months earlier, the organization organized similar event in the “Trznice Zenica”, and that so far they only organized exhibitions, art colonies, schools of painting with different techniques, Federal News Agency reports.

“We are planning to organize the fair of handicrafts next year, and today’s number of exhibitors will be also motivational for us,” Saric added.



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