An Exhibition of Collectors: A lot of Valuable Antiquities on one place (gallery)

December 28, 2015 8:30 PM

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]This year’s second, and eighth in total, exhibition of collectors was held in Zenica. Around thirty fans of antiquities from Zenica and some other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their collections at the exhibition. Igor Mihaljevic, organizer of the exhibition, said that he was satisfied with the number of exhibitors who responded.

“It is difficult to list everything presented at the exhibition. Basically, every collectible antiquity which has a value was presented. The novelty is that this time we have guests from Kresevo and Sarajevo who came with beautiful crystals, and I hope that they will come to our exhibition in the future as well”, says Mihaljevic.

“Our aim and wish is to expand this exhibition to the region outside Zenica because our colleagues go to Zagreb and Belgrade and there is no reason why they wouldn’t come to us, too”, says Mihaljevic and explains which presented objects are the most valuable.

“Everybody believes that their objects are the most valuable and there are some really valuable paintings and other items”, ends Mihaljevic.

Organizers hope to organize four such exhibitions next year.

Collectors presented variety of paintings, cameras, badges and other antiquities.

(Source: photo by B.Mahmić)


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