An Appeal is launched for Two Small Children who cannot hear or speak

The Pomozi.ba association has launched an appeal for two-year-old Vedad and little Esma, who cannot hear or speak, and who will go to Turkey for the installation of cochlear implants.

To help Vedad and Esma, the humanitarian phone 17007 was opened, and by calling the users of telephone operators in BiH donate two convertible marks (BAM).

The boy Vedad Mujkanovic from Tesanj was born prematurely, in addition to not hearing, he has other diagnoses, meningitis, VP shunt, hydrocephalus and cytomegalovirus. In the first months of his life, Vedad had three surgeries in the area of ​​his head, and in the third operation, a shunt was implanted without which Vedad’s cerebrospinal fluid could not flow. Vedad also has a deviation in development, and after physical exercises he walked only in April of the current year.

Esma Covrk from Visoko, who is celebrating her fifth birthday in January next year, in addition to hearing and speech difficulties, has vision problems and still cannot walk on her own. And Esma’s health problems started at her birth when there were complications due to swallowing of amniotic fluid.

Vedad and Esma need to have cochlear implants placed on both ears, and the amount to be collected for both surgeries is 62,000 euros.

“As the waiting lists for cochlear implants are very long in BiH, and time plays a big role, because implants are best done at an early age, Vedad and Esma need our help. In addition to calling 17007, you can help these adorable little ones with donations via the web platform www.pomoziba.org, payments via Paypal or standard giro accounts of the Pomozi.ba Association with obligatory emphasis on the purpose of the payment “, the association states.

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