Ammunition from Konjic is being sold Worldwide

weaponsThe specific type of production was recognized at the world market, so the economy giant from Konjic sends pistol ammunition, among others, to the market of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USA.

The president of the Trade Union organization PD “Igman“, Sead Bjelevac, said for FENA that in these hard times, when BH economy is “on knees“, it is a honor and pleasure to represent employees of PD “Igman“.

“Employees have everything, people are very satisfied, salaries, benefits, health care, meals, it is all on the time”, emphasized Bjelevac.

That company has around 360 employees who are employed permanently, and in the previous period, 600 more employees were employed temporary, and thanks to the stable conditions, Bjelevac considers that there is a possibility of additional employments.

Besides man, woman are also present in the production. Man usually work on filling with gunpowder, while woman are responsible for packaging of finished bullets.

Bjelevac says that employees are working in conditions that meet the strictest standards and that the security of employees is at the first place.

The Chief of the Municipality Konjic, Emir Bubalo, said that PD “Igman“ d.d. Konjic is the backbone of the development of engineering industry in the Municipality Konic, and that few more metal industry factories are connected with that company.

He thinks that the company should get the support from the State due to the specificity of the production.

“They are operating very positively now thanks to the international tenders, but the State should provide ongoing support”. emphasized Bubalo and reminded that PD “Igman“ is, after shutdown of the Blegian factory, the largest factory of ts kind in Europe.


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