Amira Medunjanin is the first BH Artist to record in the London Abbey Road Studio (Video)

March 9, 2018 9:30 AM

Amira Medunjanin, a famous BH interpreter of sevdalinka songs and traditional songs, is the first BH artist who recorded in the legendary London Abbey Road studio. People often compare her with one of the most important jazz singers of all times, Billie Holiday.

“To be honest, I dreamed about this moment my entire life. I always wanted to come here, sit down and listen to silence in the studio. My dream is finally realized. Moreover, I got the opportunity to record a song in this studio as well. When I came to ‘Studio Two’ for the very first time, I had to touch the walls to feel the energy that was absorbed there over the past few decades. I felt it… With my whole heart,” said Amira Medunjanin.

To recall, she recorded the song “You will disappear from my life” at the Abbey Road studio last month with piano accompaniment of Bojan Zulfikarpasic. She noted that it was one of the happiest days in her entire life.

“The song “You will disappear from my life” is the anthem of all artists who convinced us that Love is the most powerful thing in this world. This is also definitely our homage to the past times and the energy of all the people who created beautiful music in the 20th century,” said Medunjanin.

She added that Abbey Road studio is the only place where she would record this song.

“I will remember these precious moments my entire life,” said Medunjanin.

Take a look at the video.




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