Amir Mujezin created System for Visually Impaired People to independently vote in Elections

amir mujezinOn behalf of the blind and visually impaired persons as well as persons with other types of disabilities in BiH vote the so-called persons of trust. Their desire is to come out independently in the general elections in 2018 and be equal with others in their democratic right.

A member of the population of blind and visually impaired persons, Amir Mujezin, was thinking about an adequate solution for months, and “drop that spilled the glass” was the situation that took place in the last local elections when his friend, who is in a wheelchair, was not able to vote because polling station had no access for the disabled persons.

“I gathered a small team of experts and presented my idea of the voting system. They told me that it is realistic and financially acceptable even more than any other method, but that it requires a lot of work. We worked for a long time and I was in charge of the voice system. Top engineers worked with together with me because I am not particularly qualified, I am self-taught. In the end, we made a telephone system for the independent voting of persons with disabilities,” said Mujezin.

The system was created, and for its use is required a fixed phone. Persons with disabilities will receive a voucher of the Central Election Commission that will include the code at their home address. This code is maximally protected and except the voter, only CEC will have it. Blind people will receive it in the Braille alphabet. When you turn the number that connects you to the central system, the voice prompts will follow. The procedure is very simple and everything is performed through the numbers and bars and star on the phone.

“We made a good protection. Only the CEC will have the access to the system, and they will be able to “count” votes. My interest is that our country has a secure system that will not create a crowd at polling stations, and it gives equality of people with disabilities. Any other system is not sustainable. This is the cheapest system out there,” said Mujezin.

“This system costs 5 BAM per voter (for people with disabilities). For the next elections, it will cost 2.5 BAM, and in 2022 will cost 1 BAM. At the elections in 2024, the system will be already paid off. We tried really hard to make something that will be helpful to this society,” concluded Mujezin.

(Source M. N./Klix.ba)

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