Amina Mujezinović delights with her Decoupage Works

1000_1479487495amina_mujezinovic_5As the majority of students nowadays, Amina Mujezinović, a student of Polytechnic Faculty in Zenica, is looking for an additional source of income.

This 21-year-old girl from Vranduk near Zenica managed to turn her love for art and hobby into a business, thanks to social networks.

Namely, Amina has been dealing with painting and decoupage for a while now. She also decorates furniture, and her works rarely leave people indifferent.

“I have been doing decoupage for a year and as for the painting I have been interested in it since elementary school. When it comes to decoupage, I do different boxes, plates, objects made of wood, ceramics, plastics. In terms of painting, I paint some abstract stuff like mandala, which is the most frequent motive people can see on my works,” said Amina.

What especially fascinated this student are positive comments and orders, which are increasing every day.

“In the beginning, it was just my hobby through which I decorated objects to some people around me. After posting the photos on social networks, I received many praises, which motivated me to raise it all to a higher level. Precisely on social networks people see my works and order the decorating of dated furniture or they want a painting for their home,” said Amina.

When it comes to future, Amina’s big wish is to make an exhibition of her works.

“In a couple years I hope I will make my wish come true – make an exhibition of my paintings. My greatest motives are praises of people around me who are satisfied with what I make for them. The most important thing is that we do what we love, because then we give our maximum,” said Amina in the end.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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