Amina Kajtaz from Rio: I was nervous, but I made a good Result

Amina Kajtaz EPAAmina Kajtaz is satisfied with her performance at the Olympic Games, although she did not qualify for the semifinals of the race at 100 meters in butterfly stroke.

In the second qualification group in Rio, Amina won the fourth place with a result of 1:01.67. her best result which brought her to the Olympics is 1:01.21, and she did not manage to exceed it.

“I am very satisfied with my result. This is my second best time this season. After all, these are my first Olympics and I can say I am very satisfied. I was very nervous, but the result turned out to be good. I hope these Olympics will be one great experience for me,” Kajtaz said.

This 19-year-old swimmer is the holder of the national record at 100 meters in butterfly stroke. Before Amina, Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by Tatjana Đekanović, who won the 35th place in air rifle shooting from 10 meters.

(Source: EPA)

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