Amila Terzimehić and Mediha Musliović in Roger Donaldson’s Film

filmThe casting and talent agency ZONA, after a series of successful engagements of BIH and actors from the region and abroad, signed up for another international project.

Sarajevo actors Amila Terzimehić and Mediha Musliović are on a big European casting, and with the mediation of ZONA, received important rolls in the film “November Man” by well-known Hollywood director Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job, the Recruit).

The movie was filmed in Belgrade, and the stars Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko and Luke Bracey, as well as Will Patton, Lazar Ristovski, Dragan Marinković, Bill Smitrovich and Akie Kotabe.

The premiere of the thriller, filmed according to the novel “There are no Spies” by Bill Grangers, is expected next year and the roles by the two young Sarajevo actors will open their path to new international engagements, announced Agency ZONA.

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