American Wake skater amazed with the Beauty of Bjelasnica

Brian GrubbAt the beginning of this month Bjelasnica was visited by Brian Grubb, Wakeskating pioneer and the man with the most medals in this sport. This American from Florida, in a constant search for challenges, hadn’t intended to try out the slalom or downhill. Instead, he wanted to move his typically summer sport into the completely new environment- in the wild beauty of winter Bjelasnica.

Namely, when Brian saw photographies of “Studeni potok“ near the village “Umoljani“, he was fascinated by the sight of this unique stream that meanders endlessly through the valley on the weald of Bjelasnica.It didn’t take along for him to decide to come and try the wakeskating ride on this location.

The preparation of the track wan easy task at all, but the team succeeded, and then was a time for Brian to show what he knows. Winch and rope were dragging him, and he was riding on his board through the deep snow at one time, then through the water, going back to snow, again jumping into the water- performing some of his favorite stunts all the time. It was a mix of wakeskating, boarding, and..something that still doesn’t have a name.

The greatest challenge was the weather that was changing several times a day, from strong snow to completely sunny weather in just few hours. But, after seven days of freezing and efforts, all of it was worth. Brian was more than satisfied with rides and tricks that he performed, and the team was satisfied with superb recordings that they made, and which will surely be a good promotion of natural beauties and touristic potentials of BiH.

This is Brian’s first visit to BiH and he is delighted with the beauty of untouched nature of Bjelasnica. “We were really enjoying in the ride in these conditions and the staying in BiH“, said Brian at the end and added that he could come back to “Studeni potok“ in summer conditions as well.


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