American Companies invested 250 million Dollars in BiH

September 25, 2017 3:30 PM

There are approximately 30 American companies operating in BiH that have invested around 250 million dollars.

The U.S. ambassador to BiH Maureen Cormack said that the Business Forum, which was held in Banja Luka on Friday and organized by the U.S. embassy and the American Commerce Chamber in BiH. According to her, there will be more investment when the business climate improves and when corruption is eliminated.

“One of that goals of the forum is to increase investment and possibly create partnerships with American firms and those who are significantly represented in the sales portfolio,” Cormack said.

As an example, she cited the company KKR, whose seat was in the U.S., but which invested around 200 million dollars in developing the telecommunications markets. As a significant investor, she cited the company Advent International, which is the owner of Addiko Bank.




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