Amer Hadzimesic caught the Queen of BH Waters

Although hucho hucho (Danube salmon) is endangered species in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the Drina River, the top masters manage to find the queen of our waters.

Amer Hadzimesic managed to catch 95 cm long beauty a few days ago in the Drina River near Foca.

“Smith D Contact 85” proved to be a top tool for catching big predators, especially in combination with the Major Craft Truzer 902ML.

Amer is a longtime representative of BiH in hunting with artificial bait from the coast, and he participated in the biggest world competitions in this discipline that were held in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia…

He was also the representative of the national team of BiH and he is currently the commissioner of the Premier League of BiH.

After taking the photo, this beauty as any other fishes that Amer caught, was released back to the Drina River.

(Source: klix.ba)

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