What did Amel Tuka say after performing in Rio?

TukaAfter Amel Tuka did not manage to qualify for the finals of the race at 800 meters at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, he addressed the public via Facebook.

“Thank you all for the support you have given to me and the entire Olympic team, and special thanks go for this support after the race, that means a lot to me. Thanks to everyone who stayed up late to watch my race, I am proud of you! We will go on, this was just one of hundreds of races I will run in my career, if my health serves me well. The thing that always keeps me firmly on my feet is the fact that sometimes God gives you success and gives you a great temptation, and sometimes God does not give you success, but that is still a temptation… Only those who strongly believe remain!

Congratulations to all the guys who made it to the finals last night, they really deserved it. Thank you all, once again, I am proud of my Bosnians and Herzegovinians always, your Amel loves you!

My hand is on my heart, and in my heart is one coat of arms!”, Tuka wrote.


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