Amel Tuka, the best BH Athlete: Performance Anxiety is increasing as my Performance is getting closer

TukaAmel Tuka, the best BH sportsmen and athlete, who is expected to win the first Olympic medals for our country, was very happy because he carried the flag of BiH on the opening of the Olympic Games.

“It is hard to describe. The moment I came out at the Maracana with my colleagues is something that I will remember my whole life. These are my first Olympic Games and I’m very happy that I was the one who carried the flag. It is a special honor and pleasure for any athlete,” said Tuka and added:

“Everything is on the perfect level. From the opening ceremony to the fireworks. Everyone was thrilled. This is something that I experienced for the first time, and everything that is experienced for the first time remains in very good memory.”

Tuka also recalled the World Championship that was held last year in Beijing, where he won the bronze medal.

“This is like a milder version of the World Cup in Beijing. For now, there is no performance anxiety, but it is certain that there will be some as my performance on the 12th of August is approaching. It is a positive anxiety,” explained Tuka.


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